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Contract Manufacturing Solutions

If your company is ready to expand into international markets, GSC is here to extend your reach. We know how critical it is to accelerate the introduction of life-saving pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and biologics to the global community to preserve patent period and extend market advantage. With 25 years of proven experience, GSC has the know-how and key connections to speed your entry into new markets.

GSC can help you to identify contract manufacturers and arrange contract services with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed all GMP guidelines, and comply with regulatory inspections and audits.

We work closely with your development and/or manufacturing teams to provide formulation development and regulatory support in setting specifications, method validation, and in conducting stability studies.

GSC also has developed specialized expertise in accelerating the commercialization and introduction of specialty products, such as Orphan Indicated Drugs into the global market. For more information, please visit GSC’s subsidiary Global Orphan Pharmaceutical, LLC at www.gopharmaceutical.com.

With our comprehensive knowledge of US regulations and protocols, combined with our ability to create unique and long-lasting partnerships, we can accelerate the process of getting your products into commercial production and out to market...faster!

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