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GSC Delivers Solutions You Can Count On

Cost reduction opportunities

  • We can identify opportunities for potential 20% - 50% in total spend savings with access to increased quality and volume purchasing advantages.

Spend management solutions

  • We can identify and consolidate spend patterns across multiple organizations that may have different purchasing schedules and consolidate into one overall corporate spend solution

Supplier management

  • Gain access to worldwide certified pharmaceutical Asian manufacturers with proven records of quality and reliability
  • Reduce international sourcing lead times by 20% - 50%
  • Reduce supply costs

Contract management

  • Conduct thorough due diligence, background checks, and project follow-up to ensure product quality and safety
  • Shorten contracting cycles and reduce supply costs

Financial solutions

  • Consolidate customer’s invoices to cut down international payment processing costs by 60%
  • Reduce payment processing cycles and invoicing errors

We help you achieve your goals through a proven efficient process.


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